There are a gazillion monitors in the market to choose from and you must be wondering what makes one better than the other? Truthfully, it took me some time as well to understand what makes certain monitors better for gaming, or suffice for day-to-day use. Some have higher refresh rates and some packs a built-in speaker system, rendering the need for an extra pair of tweeters completely superfluous. I digress. We’re here to talk about the BENQ EX2780Q 27-inch LED monitor, which in my opinion practically checks all the boxes of what you would need from a monitor in the mid of 2020.

Some of the notable specs are 144Hz, a built-in treVolo sub-woofer and speakers, HDRi and Brightness Intelligence Plus, and a handy remote control to access all your multimedia adjustments. Read up to find out more.

Design And Ports

First impressions of the EX2780Q would be its bronze accents, which are featured on its metal base and the speaker bar at the bottom of the screen. Bronze is like the new silver (or rose gold) as we entered into 2020, and this color really makes the EX2780Q stand out from the rest of its peers and competitors.

Aside from that, the monitor is a streamlined rectangular slate that doesn’t pull your attention away from the actual visuals, which we will talk about later. It lets its subtle colors do all the work to accentuate your overall setup and you won’t be disappointed.

Only thing with its design however, is that it does not come with any kind of height adjustment or swivelling mechanism that allows you to rotate to vertical configuration. The usual tilting of the screen remains, which is attached to the neck of the base.

The monitor isn’t bezel-less but the bezel is indeed quite thin. Moreover, you’ll find a 3.5mm headphone jack, two HDMI ports, one display port and a USB-C port. The screen itself is non-glossy so you need not worry about vitreous reflections.

Additionally, it comes with a remote control, which has a 5-key navigator as well as volume wheel. This makes it quite convenient to get to your desired setting pretty easily. In that sense, it does behave like a multimedia screen, making activities like watching movies and TV series akin to gluing yourself on TV.

Visual Performance

Boasting a 144Hz refresh rate, the EX2780Q is sufficient for most gaming needs. We’re talking about the capability to push frames beyond the usual 60FPS. Even so, many of our tested games run incredibly fluid and “buttery”.

Technically in that sense, the EX2780Q is pretty much a gaming monitor that doesn’t come off as too showy, unlike the many marketed gaming monitors that features a myriad of design bells and whistles.

But truly, having a 144Hz monitor for other usage aside from gaming presents a very different visual experience, all thanks to the smooth and fluid motions of all kinds of animations and movement on screen. Things tend to ‘glide’ effortlessly and you might even enjoy all these subtleties. Just as smartphones that have a 90Hz display are a far cry from those that don't have it - go to a 144Hz monitor (or above) and you’ll probably Never go back.

The color gamut is spec-ed at 95% DCI-P3, which is the latest standard for color gamut across cinema production companies like Warner Bros, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Studios, SONY and you know, practically all of them! So the range of colors on the EX2780Q is really vibrant. More to that, the color bit sits at 8 bits.+ FRC, which means reproducing beyond 16.2million colors and brings them really close to almost 1 billion colors. The EX2780Q’s visuals are therefore perfect for almost all kinds of gaming and multimedia projection.

The EX2780Q has a QHD resolution of 2560 X 1440 and runs 4K content without a hitch. Movies are sharp, clear and very immersive. At the size of 27-inch, you’d have a table-top cinematic experience, coupled with its on-board audio - entertainment is a snap.

It also features BENQ’s HDRi Technology. HDRi makes for better visuals and overall immersiveness. What it actually does is by intelligently adjusting on-screen visuals to create clearer and more realistic details in the dark. It also maintains on-screen clarity throughout.

Moreover, the monitor’s Brightness Intelligence Plus technology works by controlling HDR images via a sensor at the bottom of the display. It detects changes in ambient lighting and adjusts image brightness, contrast and color temperature based on what’s on screen. It brightens the images in dark scenes but without overexposing the brighter parts. Quite clever.

Whether it’s a break in the clouds, or the sun going down, the HDRi and Brightness Intelligence Plus will balance everything on screen so that visuals remain in tandem with the environment. It actually takes care of your eyes, as you would’ve noticed how glaring and bright a monitor can be when viewed in an unlit room. So that’s a plus point.

Audio By treVolo

The last part of this review would be the audio quality of its treVolo calibrated 2.1 channel speakers. And what I can really say is that, you won’t need an external pair of speakers anymore. As the EX2780Q connects via HDMI at large, the monitor will be an immediate source of your computer’s audio. And there’s also a headphone jack if you wish to route the audio to your headphones through it instead.

In terms of audio quality, the right word to describe it would be balanced. There’s an ample range of lows and highs, while some semblance of bass can be picked up too, thanks to its rear sub-woofer unit. At the point of review, we ran exclusively on the on-board speakers for gaming and movies and they are quite good in fact. The volume rider at max is quite deafening at the usual range of a PC setup.

All in all in terms of its audio, it works right out of the box and you won’t need to buy an extra speaker system if you’re not that particular into - say having deeper, heavier bass. If you’re not an audiophile or a fussy bass junkie, then it would work as wonderfully as it should. You’d be surprised.

Final Verdict

The EX2780Q is pretty much a very versatile monitor that doesn’t only cater to gamers. A high refresh rate of 144Hz shouldn’t be viewed as a gaming-exclusive feature anymore, as it really makes visuals a tad more delectable for the eyes. Overall, its visual performance is for anyone who wants a high-quality monitor, that can even intelligently adjust itself to care for your eyes.

Its on-board speakers are pretty good to have, and we’re even impressed by the sound quality as is. And with all that, it is really like an all-in-one monitor, which makes gaming, multimedia, and audio listening all possible and impressive.

To me, I personally find it one of the best monitors to have at home for a myriad of uses. Whether it’s gaming or work, it does indeed check all the boxes! And what better way to reward yourself this MCO period with a versatile monitor that will certainly impress you?

Stuff says... 

BENQ EX2780Q review

The 27-inch EX2780Q packs not only a 144Hz refresh rate but a properly tuned speaker system that delivers high-quality audio right out of the box. The copper accents make it a rather modern display for any PC setup.
Good Stuff 
Beautiful copper accents
High quality speakers and audio
144Hz refresh rate makes visuals buttery smooth
HDRi automatically adjusts visuals based on ambient lighting
Bad Stuff 
No swivelling and height adjustment mechanisms