This review will mostly be spoiler free, but I would still recommend NOT reading this as you're better off watching this without any pre-notion on what to expect (unless you're into that thing, then do read on).

There's a good reason why people have been booking their tickets weeks ahead and ensuring they get to watch this movie before they get hit with spoilers. This movie is the pure accumulation of everything the MCU has been building up to and more, where finally the end of a major movie arc of recent years has arrived. Or so it seems.

The thing about Endgame is that I'm pretty certain that by the end of it, it will leave many viewers feeling torn. It's nothing like the other MCU movies; in fact it's almost cliched and odd. You can tell that it's the end, and yet there's no build up to it. In fact, the entire movie is circled around being the end for a movie series many of us grew up or followed to for years since the first Iron Man movie with its post ending credit appeared.

Is this a good thing? It should have been, but I have my doubts. And yet I can't help but imagine fans walking out of the movie not hopeful or satisfied, but rather at a loss that not only is this the end, but this is how it ended.

Even with that said, the movie still has its moments of enjoyment. No matter what, you're here for the Avengers; you're here to see your favourite heroes back on screen, laughing or smiling at their interactions as well as mourn with them over what happened to them as they hold on to hope for an answer. There will still be some level of surprises as well as plenty of easter eggs to watch out for, so the movie will remain entertaining and those three hours will fly by fast.

Despite how I (or any others who have watched it) feel, there's no doubt that the movie reached its much needed conclusion. It may not be applause-worthy, and may not leave you with a feeling that you were hoping for after the end of Infinity War, but it's an end that will likely open new possibilities for future MCU movies. And you can be certain many of us will continue watching for years to come.

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Avengers: Endgame review

This movie is definitely for fans of the MCU Avengers only. How people will react to the ending will be a mixed bag, but you can be certain that it has reached its much needed conclusion for MCU to progress in the future.
Good Stuff 
You won't feel those three hours
Great character chemistry
All your favourite characters from MCU will appear
Bad Stuff 
Strangely unsatisfactory ending
Almost no buildup
Some famous characters barely have screen/talk time