First and foremost, as the name ROG (Republic of Gamers) implies, we can conclude that this laptop is meant for gaming - not just average gaming but the highest end possible in a portable device as such. The new ASUS ROG Strix Scar II takes gaming performance to a whole new level with its powerful specifications, brilliant display and colorful “RGB” lighting all around.

From first glance, we discover a slick metal build of the front facing panel with a lit up ROG logo that changes colour according to your own customization. The laptop’s hinges are sturdy and definitely won’t spoil easily over time. There is also a RGB light on the front side of the laptop which makes it more appealing in terms of the design, as well as visibility in dark situations.

The keyboard is also equipped with RGB lights, and its keys are nicely well spaced and aligned to provide the best experience when being used for gaming while also maintaining very good ergonomics for typing. There’s also a ROG key which will load up customization options on the RGB lights, CPU and GPU indicators, and even the current performance of the laptop.

The F5 key functions as the control for the laptop’s dual fan speed where you can choose modes to either have it running on silent, balanced, or even overboost depending on the situation. For example; when playing PUBG, I kept the fan spinning in “Overboost” whereby I get the best performance possible and also maintain the laptop from heating up. While during web browsing, I would set the fans to be on silent as it would not only save battery life, it would also give a more quieter experience.

The ROG Scar II highest variant comes equipped with NVIDIA’s GTX1070, where there is no game that can’t be played in ultra settings with high frame rates. Not only is it an eye pleasing experience, it also maintains a smoothness unlike any other laptops that I’ve used. The high refresh rate on its display provides an extra nudge to where we get zero motion blur and are able to see every quick movement within the game. The high 3ms response rate makes playing shooter games more enjoyable with a slight advantage over others with a lower response rate.

The audio quality of the ASUS ROG Strix Scar 2 is crisp and clear with stereo bass speakers that comes from both sides of the laptop that provides clear and loud sounding audio with almost zero distortion. In comparison to other laptops out there, the Asus ROG gives an impactful speaker performance that enhances one’s overall sound experience whether it be from listening to music or even from the cinematics of games and movies.

Overall, the ASUS ROG Strix Scar II is ideal for the on-the-go gamer due to its portability in size and weight, yet very capable of handling any current games that you can throw at it. The highest variant of the laptop has a price point of RM8400 which may be a little steep for most, but for if you’re looking for the best high end gaming laptop out there right now, I’d definitely recommend this one.

Stuff says... 

Asus ROG Strix Scar II review

Best gaming laptop for all sorts of games in the market right now.
Good Stuff 
Powerful graphics card
Really good cooling system
High refresh rate
Bad Stuff 
Lack of a 4k screen
High price point