The plastic iPhone is back. Meet the iPhone 5C.

Unveiled alongside its gold-clad 5S brother, the iPhone 5C is a direct replacement for the iPhone 5 and it made quite the impression at Apple's launch event, splashing down with loud, retina-searing colours.

It represents a dramatic change in strategy for Apple, which has until now relied on its previous-generation models as more budget-friendly options. And we think its combination of solid hardware, updated iOS 7 software and the classic Apple marque has the potential to make it massive.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the iPhone 5C.

Plastic fantastic

The iPhone 5C is crafted from hard-coated polycarbonate with a reinforced inner steel structure and will arrive in green, blue, red, white and yellow. No sensible black here folks.

There will also be a variety of multi-coloured cases which, once administered, will turn your iPhone 5C into a raving Dalek.


Within the candy coating of the iPhone 5C beats the heart of an iPhone 5. The same dual-core A6 processor returns, as does the 1GB of RAM, 4G support and 16GB and 32GB storage options.

The 8MP rear camera keeps its single LED flash, but the front camera has had a boost and should work better in low light conditions. There's also a slightly larger battery thrown in for good measure, which will be welcome news to power users. How much difference that will make however remains to be seen, so hold out for our full in-depth review.

The crucial difference of course is that the iPhone 5C will come with the re-designed iOS 7 straight out of the box which means an all-new look and new features including AirDrop, Control Centre and iBeacons.


The iPhone 5C will be available to pre-order from 13 September in Singapore as well as the other first wave countries. It's anything but cheap though, with Singapore getting the 16GB model at $SGD848. 

The 32GB model will go for $SGD988 which is basically the price of most other flagship phones. Both models will hit shelves on 20 September.