In the world of customised desktop tower and PC Master Race, all-in-one computers have always been a convenient option for people who just want get a relatively simple PC and have it work the way it should work. That’s why all-in-ones like the Apple iMac or Microsoft Surface Studio are popular options for corporations and creatives alike. The Acer Veriton Z - specifically the Veriton Z4640G is an all-in-one as well, however is more limited in its usage as compared to the high-end competitors mentioned.


Build Quality

Being an all-in-one, build quality might not be as crucial an aspect than when it comes to a laptop, but it’s still pretty important. The Acer Veriton Z is made of black plastic for the main chassis/display while the base plate and the spine is made of metal. Out of the box, the aforementioned components are separate but it’s easier enough to assembly them - all you need is a screwdriver to put the provided screws where it needs to be and you’re done. The Veriton Z weighs 6.3kg but it doesn’t really matter too much because once you set up shop, you probably won’t be moving it around constantly. But if you did, it’s still a manageable weight. Well, at least that’s what I think when I put it together and took it apart.



The display for the Veriton Z is a 21.5-inch Active Matrix TFT Colour LCD. That’s a pretty fancy term but when it comes down to it, the colours are more than decent and considerably bright. The viewing angles are unsurprisingly good - you won’t have any problems even when looking at it from extreme angles. One downside is the thick bezels around the screen that make it seem a lot smaller than it is - I wasn’t initially expecting it to be 21.5 inches but lo and behold.


The versions of the Veriton Z available are running either 7th gen i3-7100 or the 7th-gen i5-7400. It was slightly disappointing to find out that the Veriton Z was only running 7th-gen processors - it was even more so when I saw that the review unit we received was the i3 variant. The amount of RAM was also kind of a let-down, although there are expandable slots for up to 16GB, both versions start with a base 4GB of RAM. By no means does it not run - the computer operates smoothly enough for your standard productivity, web browsing and video streaming. Though it did start lagging a bit when I opened six or seven tabs, and a tab hoarder, that’s a no no for me. I also able to run the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 on the Veriton Z which wasn’t the smoothest experience but I made it work so it’s safe to assume that this all-in-one is able to run photo editing softwares. However, I would recommend at least upgrading your RAM since there is an extra slot in the Veriton Z and it supports up to 16GB.

Flippable Camera

When I first set it up, I didn’t realise that the Veriton Z had a webcam that was cleverly hidden on top of the display, which can be pulled from or retracted to the body of the computer when you want to. Plus, the camera is flippable - facing towards you or away from you. Supposedly useful for video conferencing, however when I tried it out, the camera doesn’t reorient when flipped away from me, so the image is inverted. I’m not sure if this could be fixed with software but this was the case when testing it with Skype and the Windows Camera app.



You won’t run out of USB-A ports because this one has six - two USB 2.0 and four USB 3.1. The two USB 2.0 would probably be where you connect your mouse and keyboard which effectively leaves you with four USB ports. Before, we move on to the other ports, the Veriton Z has 1TB of storage in the form of SATA drive without the option to internally expand. 1TB isn’t really enough these days so if you want more storage space, you’ll have to settle for external hard drives.

Other ports include audio-in and audio-out jacks, with VGA and DisplayPort… ports. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the more common HDMI so you’ll have to make do with other two aforementioned ports if you’re hooking up a projector.



The Acer Veriton Z4640G is meant to be your business workstation and it performs well enough for an all-in-one. It is very specific in what it can do and what won’t be able to do, simply because of the “limitations” from its specifications. However, if you insist on doing creative work with this, I highly recommend the model with the i5 and upgrading the RAM to at least 8GB. With that setup, you could theoretically do graphic design and photo editing but be aware that those activities are very processor-heavy.

Stuff says... 

Acer Veriton Z review

If you are using it solely as a business workstation, you shouldn’t have too many issues with it. I can very much see the Veriton Z at a home office or even as a kid’s first computer to work with.
Good Stuff 
Solid build quality and easy to assemble
Great display with good colours and viewing angles
A lot of port options
Bad Stuff 
7th-gen Intel processors with low base RAM
No HDMI port
Flippable webcam doesn’t orient properly