If you've ever had a tent that leaked or blew down in the night you'll know the full horrors camping can unleash, but in a Hielo 2 the nightmares dissolve into sweet dream sleep.

This tent was deigned for the most extreme high mountain conditions and tested on the glaciers of Patagonia, so pitch this anywhere in Britain and it’ll withstand anything bar a Birmingham tornado.

Quick pitching

The Hielo 2 has a very rigid and stable design with four main poles supporting the inner tent and two others in the flysheet. This sounds complicated but it's very simple to put up and you can be crawling inside less than five minutes after choosing your site.

Two of the poles are fed inside sleeves and then two others cross over on the outside of these to be clipped on with big karabiners. Once the inner is pegged out, you drape the flysheet over and slip in the two shorter poles to create the porches at either end.

More roomy than it looks

The two doors are another key design feature; it's double ended so one person gets in at each end and then sleeps toe to toe with their buddy. This is what gives it its streamlined shape on the outside and maximises the space for each sleeper.

There's also a respectable amount of storage place; pockets and hanging loops are inside for stowing small items and clothing, and both doors have large vestibules for rucksacks.

Added extra features like snow valances, pole stabilisers, taped seams, a bathtub groundsheet and air vents designed to reduce wind drag all add up to make this a highly stable and waterproof tent that can easily shrug off even the nastiest of Patagonian nights.

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The ultimate in weatherproof outdoor sleeping – if you don't mind waking with someone's feet in your face