Motorola MotoACTV – small and light

At only 46x46mm and weighing just 34g, this music player and GPS sensor is both light and barely noticeable. It’s like an iPod Nano with a built-in tracker.

Oh, but there’s even more – not only does it track your position while you’re running, but also your heart rate using a revolutionary pair of (optional) wireless headphones that read your pulse using infra-red beams. It’s even ANT+ compatible, meaning it’ll link up to most other sensors that you’re carrying around (such as bike cadence readers) without fuss.

Motorola MotoACTV – touchscreen

The Gorilla Glass touchscreen works well, even while moving at speed, thanks to the included armband. The music player’s sound quality won’t blow your mind next to the best MP3 players, but it’s good enough for running, and smartphone connectivity means you can even take calls through it.

And when the work is done, you can sync your stats wirelessly to via its built-in Wi-Fi.

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Motorola MotoACTV review

A revolution in GPS that blurs the boundaries of MP3 player and training aid