Need a phone to take scuba diving? Or maybe you're just congenitally clumsy? Either way, the Defy+, the update to 2010’s Defy, is for you. Unlike most rugged phones, this one is clever enough to be called a smartphone, with a 1GHz processor at its heart.

Motorola Defy+ ... hard enough?

It’s a toughie with protection against shocks, dust and up to 1m of water; even the bright, colourful 3.7in display is protected with super-scratchproof Gorilla Glass.

Motorola Defy+ ... chunky

The Defy+ has the reassuring chunkiness a rugged phone needs to inspire confidence, but it’s also easy to handle. It’s noticeably more frugal than its predecessor, with a battery that will keep going for a full day and night.

Motorola Defy+ ... Swype

It comes with Swype as an installed keyboard. This means that instead of tapping the screen, you swipe your finger from one letter to the next. It takes some getting used to but it’s a neat alternative to direct poking and can be easier to use in more challenging situations.

Motorola Defy+ ... waterproof

The sockets are protected from the elements with stoppers and the back door is held tightly in place. It all works splendidly to keep the electronics dry, so now you can finally make phone calls in the bath.

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Motorola Defy+ review

When it comes to rugged phones, there’s none smarter nor faster

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