With the 2011 MotoGP season starting this week, Capcom's latest motorbike spectacular couldn't be better timed.

But purists might not be pleased. For while MotoGP 09/10 upset some long-term fans with its lurch away from accuracy and towards more action-orientated racing, Capcom is sticking to its guns.

The latest in the series might have the trappings of a simulation, but there are plenty of overtures towards the mainstream.

There are helpful green lines during races that show the optimum route and turn red when it's time to brake. When you crash you can rewind the race before jumping back in and collisions are more likely to result in a dirty look from those you bump into than a crash. It also offers multiple 'assists' to help those struggling with the controls, although these can be turned off as you see fit.

But all this doesn't make MotoGP 10/11 a pick up and play game. Even with all the assists turned on the controls are tricky and until you get to grips with using the front and back brakes you'll be skidding off the track time after time.

Stick with it though and the game proves itself to be a deep racer where precision and control are paramount. And while the tracks look bland, the races are fast and accompanied with suitably growling engine noises.

Beyond the basic races there's a career mode to get stuck into to where you build a racing team from scratch, hiring bikers, attracting sponsors and recruiting engineers to modify your bikes. The multiplayer options are also decent with two-player co-op in the career mode and online races where up to 20 people can battle for pole position.

Simulation die-hards might find MotoGP 10/11 too kind, but for more fair-weather fans of the sport it rarely disappoints.

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MotoGP 10/11 review

Not the most realistic, but fuelled with fun