The gadget world has always had a love-hate relationship with batteries. While they provide precious power to our beloved pieces of tech, they ultimately die and become obsolete when we need them most. Moxia Energy wants to redress this situation so has come up with the next generation of the rechargeable battery: the USBCELL.

Recharge your batteries

Let’s face it, rechargeable batteries of yore were, despite being a worthy attempt at providing recyclable energy, pretty terrible. They had to be recharged via a mains adapter and generally only held enough power to give a gnat a warm fuzzy glow.

The genius of Moxia Energy’s USBCELL, though, is that it can be charged using any USB port. It’s as portable as you’d expect and comes in AA size, so can be used in most of our favourite gadgets.

Do the right thing

It also couldn’t be simpler to use; just flip the cap at the positive end and plug it in. A built in intelligent charger means an LED light will indicate when it’s fully loaded and ready to go.

Quick five-minute charges are an option, and each USBCell should charge around 500 times. Considering a staggering 15 billion alkaline batteries are made and thrown away each year and the USBCELL is so convenient to charge, this is a worthy and edifying addition to your gadget holster.


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Moixa USBCELL review

One of the best gadget ideas of the year, and a convenient way to replenish thirsty gadgets on the move