This pregnant-looking, plastic bloater is obviously not aiming to win you over with a pretty face and charm. Sense of humour? Nah. Stamina, then…

Challenging looks aren't for everyone

The DAH-1900 is not the sleekest gadget of its sort on the market, and is far from being the best looking. Yet again, here is another player with a ‘browser’ interface that makes you feel like a computer programmer.

Mind you, that blow is softened by the fact that the battery will last through another Ice Age or a Peter Jackson film – whichever ends first. If 150 hours sounds more like a portable life sentence than a boon, best steer yourself a 2GB with a bit more prowess.


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MobiBlu DAH-1900 review

Massive battery life is a definite draw but the shoddy interface and size keep it from the premier league.