So you like your smartphones big, powerful, and packing a stylus?

Samsung's Galaxy Note has filled that niche for five years, and it's alost time for a new one. With hype building by the day, plenty of juicy details have leaked out onto the web. 

Naturally, not everything out there is true. We're pretty positive Samsung isn't ready to add 4K displays and PC-pounding processors to its phones just yet. And before you get your hopes up, all the pics in this article are concepts and renders - not the Note 6.

Rumours are still handy for painting a rough picture of what we can expect from Samsung's next latest and greatest handset, though.

We've got the most likely details here, and will keep this preview updated with all the latest news, as and when we get it.

To curve or not to curve?

There's no question a new Note is on the way, but the biggest mystery right now is whether it'll have the same gorgeous curved screen currently making iPhone owners jealous on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

If the rumours are true, even Samsung hasn't decided yet.

According to Dutch site GSM Helpdesk, there are both flat and curved screens in development, but only one of them is going to make it to market.

Either way, it's looking set to arrive at 5.8in, with screen tech Samsung might call "slim RGB'. Hopefully that'll be based on the already excellent OLED panels doing the rounds in the rest of the Galaxy range.

Resolution probably won't be jumping up from QHD, though. It's what turned up on the last few Note phones, and has filtered down to the regular Galaxy line too, but smartphones just aren't powerful enough to make the switch to 4K.

Don't stop me now

A phone with a bigger screen usually has a bigger battery to match, and Samsung doesn't look set to disappoint with the Note 6.

Another leak to GSM Helpdesk apparently revealed that a 4000mAh battery was on the way - a huge leap from the 3000mAh cell found in the Note 5.

Sure, the screen is supposed to be a big bigger for 2016, and Samsung hasn't had any problems making its phones a little thicker to squeeze in some extra power (just compare the Galaxy S7 to last year's S6), but 4000mAh seems a little optimistic to us.

There's probably going to be a USB Type-C port on the bottom, too. Samsung has resisted the new connector so far this year, but the Note 6 could be when it finally gives in and follows the rest of the Android crowd.

Power up

Go back a couple of years and the Galaxy Note was literally the fastest phone you could buy.

Samsung might have its work cut out to keep the title in 2016, but you can bet the Note 6 won't be a slouch when it arrives.

There could end up being two models: one with a Samsung-built Exynos 8890 CPU and the other with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 823 inside.

The 8890 already powers the Galaxy S7, and that thing is seriously quick, so it would be great to see it reappear here. 

The Snapdragon 823 is more of a mystery, as it hasn't turned up in another other phones yet, but it'll almost definitely be more powerful than the Snapdragon 820.

The 820 has rocked up in the HTC 10, LG G5 and Sony Xperia X Performance, but switching to better silicon might be Samsung's way of one-upping the competition.

You should expect a whopping 6GB of RAM for serious multitasking, 32GB of internal storage (no word on microSD card support yet) and Android N running the show.

Price and release date

Samsung has form when it comes to launching new Note phones. They're almost always revealed at IFA, the Berlin tech show held every year in early September.

UPDATE 12/5/16: There are a few nefarious rumours doing the rounds that the date could change this year, and there could be an announcement as early as July. In fact, @EVleaks (normally a man in the know) tweeted the Galaxy Note 6 would be getting a US launch on "the week of August 15" - a lot sooner than Samsung's usual IFA event. 

There's some precedent here: it's roughly the same week Samsung launched the Note 5 a year ago.

Until we get any concrete facts we're still holding out for a September launch.

Prices are still up in the air, though. Unlike Apple, which tries to keep consistent from year to year, Samsung isn't afraid to play fast and loose with decimal points. The Note 5 ended up at US$740, and if a successor gets any big new features, the Note 6 could end up costing even more.

Still, there's no way to tell until everything's official - we've got our eyes peeled, and will keep you up to date if any more news drops before Samsung reveals all.

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