It seems like only yesterday when people were staring at us manhandling the (at the time) giant 5.3in Samsung Galaxy Note. 

It single-handedly kickstarted the phablet revolution, and Samsung has been at the forefront of super sized smartphones ever since. 

The Note 4, with its gorgeous pixel-packed display, powerful innards and stylus smarts has fought off the over-sized competition to remain top of the pile, but it can’t hold out forever. 

Luckily for Samsung (and the rest of the tech world), we expect to see the Note 5 strut its stuff in September, and the expectation is high. 

While it’s still early days, there are enough rumours and whispers flittering around to give us a glimpse at what we can expect to see come launch day. 

Here’s everything we’ve seen so far, mixed in with what we’d ideally, and realistically, like to see ourselves.

Imaging pedigree

The Note 5 has a lot to live up to if it wants to match the excellent imaging standards of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Given the quality of the Note 4’s camera however, we don’t expect to be disappointed.

We could very well see the same 16MP camera, complete with optical image stabilisation, make its way into the Note 5. If that’s the case, then we definitely won't complain, but we'd still like to see an increase in the sensor size, and aperture.

The LG G4 currently sucks in a little more light, thanks to its f/1.8 aperture, and if the Note 5 matches or even surpasses it, we could very well have the best smartphone camera in the world. Fingers crossed.

So long Snapdragon

We don’t expect Samsung to go back to using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor for its flagship devices anytime soon, especially not after the success of its own Exynos processor, which has propelled the S6 and S6 Edge to the top of the benchmark charts.

That success, coupled with the Snapdragon 810’s reported overheating issues, means that Samsung is very likely to go with its own Exynos chips once again.

According to Sam Mobile’s ‘insider' source, the Note 5 will pack in the power of Samsung’s newer Exynos 7422 chipset. This all-in-one solution crams in the processor, graphics processor, storage, RAM and modem into one single board, which should help improve the power efficiency (and therefore battery life), even further.

Some whispers point to the less powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor (currently found in the LG G4) being used in the Note 5 Edge variant, though they have yet to be confirmed.


Android Meringue/Malteser/Milkshake/Muffin/Milk - whatever it's called, we're hoping it will be loaded up on the Note 5 from launch, serving up Android fans the latest and greatest version of Google's mobile OS.

It brings with it a whole host of exciting improvements, including the all-improved Google Now on Tap and a promise to double your standby time.

Price and release date

Given the fact that the Note 5 doesn't officially exist, a price and release date are nowhere to be seen.

We do however have a very good idea when it will be launched. Past Note models have all launched at the beginning of IFA in September in Berlin, which means we're likely to see the Note 5 debut on or around 4 September.

We'll be reporting from the front lines in Berlin, so stay tuned for all the official news, straight from the source.

Update 23/06/15: A report from Chinese site Sogi claims the Galaxy Note 5 may get its debut a little earlier, in a dedicated event in late August. Not only does that allow Samsung to unveil it away from IFA (where it could be overshadowed by rival companies' launches), it also means it could be out in the world a good few weeks before Apple's next phablet (the iPhone 6 Plus' successor is rumoured to launch in September).

Update 10/07/15: The Wall Street Journal also believes that the Note 5 will get an earlier release date ahead of IFA, to ensure that the next iPhone doesn't steal its thunder.

With two separate sources pointing to the same thing, it's now likely that we'll see the Note 5 slightly earlier than expected.

Where to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

Where to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 5: