Xbox One getting Windows 10 and backwards compatibility on 12 November

The New Xbox One Experience is just a couple weeks away

After two years on the market, the Xbox One is about to get a massive refresh. The New Xbox One Experience, as Microsoft calls it, brings the power of Window 10 with a brand new interface.

And it'll release on 12 November, Xbox head Phil Spencer just revealed on a livestream. Just as Windows 10 on PC eschewed some of the less-loved visual elements of Windows 8, the New Xbox Experience does the very same thing by delivering much friendlier menu navigation. No longer bound to rigid boxes alone, the new interface seems to pack in more at-a-glance information.

The new guide offers quicker access to notifications, messages, and friends, while the easier-to-access Game Hubs have been refreshed, and the new Community section brings back Avatars and implements a handy new Activity Feed. All told, it really is a new Xbox One experience - and we're looking forward to getting a closer look. You can find an extensive walkthrough of the preview version below.

And there's one other huge perk to the update: Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, which means that select last-gen games will work on the current console. Both discs and digital games will function, with more than 100 games planned to be compatible this autumn.

Heavy-hitters like Mass Effect, Halo: Reach, all the old Gears of War games, and Burnout Paradise lead the list. With luck, the selection will expand significantly into next year, but the initial list has some pretty promising entries. Dust off those old games, Xbox One fans: 12 November is just around the corner.

[Source: Polygon]