Trailer Park: this week's best new film & game trailers

Grab the popcorn - here's what's heading to theatres, VOD and games consoles soon

After a week dominated by TV series, spin-offs and reboots, it's refreshing to see the big screen getting some of the attention - even if it's mostly with spin-offs and reboots.

Summer blockbuster season is getting ready to hit high gear, with plenty of big-budget releases on the way in the next few weeks. We struggle to make plans beyond the weekend, but apparently it's not too early to start teasing next year's movie calendar as well.

It's the influx of gaming trailers that has got us most excited though: who says new releases normally drop off in the summer?

Star Trek: Beyond

You'd think the Enterprise crew would have learned that things rarely go smoothly with Chris Pine's James T Kirk in the Captain's chair. This year's Big Bad takes the iconic ship out of the equation, stranding the crew on an uncharted planet filled with alien warriors that have a serious beef with the Federation.

After 2013's Into Darkness turned borrowed a little too much from the Wrath of Khan, here's hoping that this latest sequel stands up on its own, without relying too heavily on plot points we've seen before.


We could have picked any one of Blizzard's excellent Overwatch shorts to fill this slot - they're all near-perfect glimpses at what makes its characters so captivating.

Of course, it helps that the animation is top-notch, but Blizzard brings the cast to life in a way Valve never quite managed with its Team Fortress 2 shorts.

The game itself is an absolute blast to play too. Seriously, go play it - we'll wait.

Independence Day: Resurgence

This near-five minute epic of a trailer is pulling out all the stops to convince the naysayers that we really did need an Independence Day sequel.

It's nothing short of spectacular, blowing up a signifcant portion of the London skyline, moving the action into space and giving us some classic Jeff Goldblum one-liners.

Was WIll Smith right to give Resurgence a miss? We'll find out June 24.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine DLC

The tagline for the Witcher III's latest DLC expansion sounds like an existential question. If "THE LAND OF WINE IS DRENCHED IN BLOOD", how are you supposed to tell which is which?

The trailer doesn't pull any punches, swapping lutes and lyres for a decidedly modern heavy metal soundtrack, terrifying-looking beasties and more drop-dead gorgeous locations to explore. 

The expansion launches next week, and looks like a suitable way to end one of the best RPGs we've played in years


The second (much better) trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot landed too late for last week's trailer roundup - seriously, by about 45 minutes - but it's still worth checking out if you've managed to avoid it until now.

Sure, it's heavy on the spoilers, but it gives you a much better idea what to expect from the new all-girl lineup. It's definitely got that trademark Paul Feig 'edgey' comedy vibe, but plenty of the jokes hit home this time - making it infinitely better than the original trailer, which took a pretty heavy pounding in the YouTube dislike stakes.

Gran Turismo Sport

For a game series so obsessed with intricate little details, GT Sport's debut gameplay trailer still manages to squeeze in some pretty epic bumper-to-bumper racing between the lingering shots of its bulging virtual garage.

Sure, the scenery's gorgeous, and those opening shots (captured from the PS4, no less) look spectacular, but it's reassuring to see that the action won't be taking a hit when GT makes the leap to the new console generation.

You just know you're going to end up spending hours tweaking car setups and learning racing lines anyway - but it'll be worth it when you take home that podium finish.

Beauty and the Beast

Turning a Disney animated classic into a live-action spectacular? Not something to be taken lightly, lest you incur the wrath of a million fans from the House of Mouse. Not that this first teaser gives much away, save for a few recognisable voiceovers and a blink-and-you'll-miss-it look at Emma Watson's Belle.

It's not set to arrive until 2017, so expect this to be the first of many trailers - the only question is how long it'll take for Disney to give the game away and show off the Beast.

The Division

I'll confess to pushing The Division to the bottom of my gaming pile after I finished the main story, but the Conflict Update might make enough changes to Massive's post-apocalyptic New York to bring me back into the fold.

A new incursion, new gear sets and top-end guns should bring your lapsed Agent back up to scratch, ready to take on the new high value targets dotted around the city, but it's the new Dark Zone additions that appeal to my evil side.

The update is free to download, and drops this week.