Tesla officially launches in the UAE

The Model S and Model X are available to order with an expected summer delivery

We reported on the rumours last week but can now confirm it - Tesla Motors will be launching in the UAE.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk spoke at the World Government Summit in Dubai earlier today, annoucing that residents of the Emirate will be able to place orders from today for both the Model S and Model X via the Tesla website.


Prices will start at AED275,000 (around US$74,900) for the Model S and AED344,000 (around US$93,700) for the Model X, with an expected delivery date of summer 2017. The launch will also see the arrival of a dedicated service centre currently under construction on the city's principle motorway, Sheikh Zayed Road, with a pop up shop designed to introduce the vehicles to potential buyers opening in Dubai Mall. A further store and service centre are also planned for Abu Dhabi in 2018.

With prices like that we're not going to be rushing out any time soon to snap one up (sadly), but hopefully this heralds the imminent arrival of the long awaited - and relatively cheaper - Model 3 to our shores in the near future.