Sony's getting funky with colour faceplates for the PS4

Switch your gaming get-up with rainbow panels

The PS4 might just be the most decorated console in history. Oh, sure, it’s won awards and tops our chart of gaming machines – but it also has a raft of special editions and skins for those looking to soup-up their super-gamer.

In standard form, it carries over the black-on-black styling of its PlayStation predecessors. Now, though, Sony has something much more colourful in store: as of 18 November, faceplate fun is the order of the day.

Yep, take your pick from Neon Orange, Glacier White, Aqua Blue and, well, Red. It’s as easy as slipping off the HDD bay cover and clipping on your chosen colour for extra vibrance as you endure those same old loading times.

Even better, with further tasteful console tones potentially on the horizon, there should be no shortage of shades with which to match your PS4 to your feature wall.

Whilst we’ve seen the likes of the Metal Gear Solid and Destiny: The Taken King special PS4 editions before, bringing clip-n-change colour options to its powerhouse games machine suggests Sony might be feeling the need to up its style game. That, or the design bigwigs went to a Mondrian exhibition.

Either way, manufacturers making their products more customisable is hard to see as a bad thing (are you listening, Apple?). It's unclear yet whether these faceplates will make it to the Middle East (fingers crossed!), but if they do they will shimmy in at arund a not unreasonable £15 (approx US$22), for an on-the-cheap change-up.