Samsung’s new Galaxy A available now in the Middle East

This new mid-range series from Samsung looks like a great buy

Lawks, when are you going to stop banging on about boring bargain blowers?

Not until our keyboards crumble out from under our very fingers. There’s too many people out there who’ve paid upfront for a premium handset when they might actually suffice with something far cheaper. We’re coming for you, poppets! Stay afloat just a little while longer!

Bog off. I like my big phone, and so I pays the big money.

Oh, but think on the ways you could spend a handful of extra cash you'd save by going mid-range.

You could have both Netflix and Amazon, or those guitar lessons, or a petrol-paid trip to the Oman. Or send it to a couple of worthy causes – just so can sail smugly past your friends at the next gathering, feeling content about helping the planet so soon into 2017.


But these are short-term delights, bracketed by the very real, always-on dismay of mid-range phone ownership.

Prejudice! Samsung’s latest Android OS Galaxy A might sit underneath its Galaxy S flagfones, but look at it. Not radical, perhaps, but none too shameful.

And for 2017 it gets a healthy spec-bump. There’s the 4.3in A3 but the one anyone would actually get - the octa-core chipped 5.2in A5 - now has 3GB of RAM, support for up to 256GB microSD card and a faster charging 3000mAh battery, charged faster through USB-C. Then, for those who like their smartphones mega-sized, there's the A7 with its 5.7in screen, sporting all the same specs as its 5.2in brother.

It’s also now IP68 rated for waterproofness and dustproofness. Just plug in your SIM and dive into the warm rolling waters of affordable phone ownership.

Marvelous. So how much exactly will I save if I make the switch to mid-range?

Loads, it turns out. The A3 will set you back a cool US$310, the A5 is US$395, while the big daddy A7 clocks in at US$475. See, you don't have to spent top dollar to get top phone-age.