Nintendo learns nothing from history, might be getting back into movies

Hand out the devolution guns! Prepare for destiny!... Where's my pizza?

Let's not sugarcoat this - the 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros movie was a disaster. 

Lead actor Bob Hoskins admitted as much in in a Q&A with the Guardian in 2011, saying it was probably the lowest point of his entire career.

"What's the worst job you’ve done?  Super Mario Brothers. What has been your biggest disappointment? Super Mario Brothers. If you could edit your past, what would you change? I wouldn’t do Super Mario Brothers."

That's all in the past, though, and it's been long enough for Nintendo to think about giving movies another try.

According to the AP, Nintendo is weighing up its options, deciding whether to take on a big screen release or go small-scale with a straight to Blu-ray or DVD title instead.

Nintendo spokesman Makoto Wakaet told Japanese newspaper Asahi about the plans, dropping hints that Nintendo might be looking at 3D animation rather than live-action. Which is a relief.

The Big N is apparently in talks with several film companies about a partnership, but nothing's been confirmed yet.

Whatever happens, it'll have plenty of cash to pump into its movie making operation, after selling its stake in the Seattle Mariners baseball team.

Plus, it gives us another excuse to post the Super Mario Bros movie trailer. Awful, just... awful.