MSI reveals massive new lineup of gaming gear

...and a US$200k prize for its 2015 Masters Gaming Arena competition

Last week at Computex in Taipei, leading gaming hardware manufacturer MSI hosted its annual Gaming Press Conference for 2015 unveiling a diverse array of state-of-the-art gaming gear.

The highlight of the event was the reveal of the GT72, a gaming laptop with several innovations including the latest Tobii Tech eye-tracking software making it the first fully integrated eye-tracking notebook for gamers, and NVIDIA G-SYNC which rings better visual fidelity and adaptable refresh rate.

The company also unveiled Nightblade MI, a continuation of its successful Nightblade series. The MI is the smallest and most powerful gaming PC equipped with the latest Intel Core i7 processor and a full fat NVIDIA GeForce graphics card to run the latest and greatest PC titles.

And for gamers who like to get into the guts of their machines, MSI also announced its line-up of gaming-specific graphics cards including the GTX 980 GAMING 4G and the MSI GTX980 Ti GAMING 6G. Both models are blazingly fast and come equipped with a back plate with craved with a dragon insignia that not only looks like somehting out of a 90s film about "hackers" but actually has some practical use increasing the structural rigidity of the unit. The dragons are, of course, illuminated by LED lights that can be controlled via a dedicated MSI gaming app.

And not content just to rest on its hardware laurels, MSI revealed a new partnership with Blizzard Entertainment and the Electronic Sports League to announce that the 2015 Masters Gaming Arena (MGA) will kick off with regional qualifiers for Asia in June and followed closely by the US and Europe. Focusing on Blizzard specific titles Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm, gamers will compete in a chance to win a prize pool of up to US$200,000 plus tickets to the grand final in the US later this year. Sadly, there was no word on a Middle East qualifying round, but with e-sports becoming more popular in the region and globally, Stuff hopes that next year will see MGA 2016 (or something of its lik) hitting our shores.