Christopher Lloyd, Stan Lee (sort of) and more announced for MEFCC 2016

Get ready for another geek-tastic Middle East Film and Comic Con

We at Stuff love the Middle East Film and Comic Con.

Not only because it gives us a yearly chance to geek out over all our pop culture favourites, but also because of the sheer calibre of international celebrity guests that they manage to snag.

Last year saw the likes of William Shatner and Gillian Anderson gracing our shores, and it looks like 2016 is going to see no shortage in terms of its own talent.


First off, comic book legend, and creator of just just about every Marvel superhero you can shake a mythical hammer at, Stan Lee will be making an appearance via a live video Q&A session. This will be a chance for fans to have their burning questions answered - how do the Hulk's purple trousers manage to stay on after he shrinks back down to Bruce Banner? - from the Godfather of superheroes himself.

Great Scott!

The other big name announced thus far is Christopher Lloyd, whom discerning tech fans will recognise as none other than Emmett "Doc" Brown from the Back to the Future trilogy. We'll be on hand to quiz the original mad scientist on where exactly our hoverboards that were promised in Back to the Future II are. Oh, and what precisesly a flux capacitor is and where we might be able to pick one up on the cheap.

Lee and Lloyd will also be in excellent company as they'll be joined by both Veronica Taylor, the veteran voice actor behind Ash Kethum of Pokemon fame, and Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza, who's character has become a Hollywood sensation after a record-smashing film adaptation earlier this month.

Now in its 5th year, the Middle East Film and Comic Con will take place between 7-9 April 2016 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

As always, Stuff will be present at MEFCC with our own stand and some fun activities and giveaways - stay tuned to find out more info on that soon.

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