Apple to open its first stores in the Middle East on 29 October

After months - nay, years - of speculation, it's finally happening

We've all heard the rumours: "Are Apple building their biggest store ever in Dubai?", "Will it be made of solid rose gold and have a VIP Lamborghini valet service?", "Will Tim Cook parachute in via private jet to christen its opening?"

While we can't yet confirm if any of those are accurate, what we are happy to announce is that we've received word that Apple are indeed opening not one but two stores in the United Arab Emirates -  their first (and second) ever in the Middle East - located at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai and Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi.


To celebrate the launch, Apple will be hosting a grand opening at both stores from 4pm on the 29 October that, according to their website, will feature product workshops and access to the company's famous Genius Bar. 

With the iPhone 6s having launched regionally earlier this week and the Apple Watch expected to hit our shores on 22 October it appears that the Cupertino tech giant have finally got all their ducks in a row to make the big splash on the Middle East that fans have been anticipating for years.