Adidas Go app: workout music matched to your pace

Collaboration with Spotify creates a playlist tailored to your desired running speed

Spotify and Adidas have come together to solve one of the most common problems amongst runners. Introducing Adidas Go.

Every running enthusiast has experienced that moment of rhythmic confusion when their pace has changed to match that of the current track blaring through their headphones. Most people do this without even realising.

Beating (or jogging as is more likely the case) to the music's drum is problematic from a fitness perspective - the runner isn't dictating their pace by listening to their body's cues or their proximity to their goals.

Adidas Go aims to invert this process, allowing the runner to set the pace of their workout, with the music automatically following their cue.


The app streams Spotify tracks that match the user's musical interests as determined by their play history. Each track is also selected based on the user's current pace, which is read using the phone's accelerometer.

What if I don't have a Spotify account, you ask? Those without are automatically signed up for a seven-day Spotify Premium trial while they give the app a go. 

At the end of a workout, users can review the stats of their run as well as add any new music they've heard to their collection.

We remain sceptical that the BPM of each track won't, in most instances, influence the BPM of the next track, but for those with the reserves of concentration to focus on their pace the idea is a sound one (no pun intended).

It's also important to note that Adidas Go isn't the first app to tackle this problem: Pace, and RockMyRun all offer a similar service, albeit without the benefit of Spotify integration.

Adidas Go is available exclusively on iOS. "Go" get it then.