Huawei announced two brand new phones at IFA yesterday: the Nova and its larger-screened cousin, the Nova Plus.

The Plus might be rocking the same CPU, memory, and storage, but it turns things up a notch with a bigger screen, better camera and bigger battery.

Screen time

You get a 5.5in display instead of 5in, but the same Full HD resolution. 1080p is still plenty for a mid-range phone like this, though, even when you stretch it over a bigger panel.

Close-up ready

The 13MP snapper gets swapped for a 16MP sensor, with added optical image stabilisation. That should give photos a little extra detail, and keep shakey hands from ruining your shots.

Clean lines

The bigger camera is probably why Huawei's gone for a different design on the back, rather than copy the regular Nova - the black strip covering the sensor is gone, and the camera module has been shunted into the middle of the phone. It's a cleaner look, but a bit more of a generic one too.

Huawei Nova Plus - initial verdict

Bumping the battery from 3020mAh to 3340mAh should squeeze a few extra hours out of a full charge, so if you don't want to be tied to a power socket, this could be the version to go for.

Where to buy Huawei Nova Plus: