Ultimate Setup: the best Xbox One accessories

Don't let your console languish in middle age – keep it fighting fit with these luxuriant add-ons

So it's now two years since you splashed out on that Xbox One. During that time you've mostly loved it, occasionally loathed it, but recently you've found yourself taking it for granted.

So how do you reinvigorate your relationship? By dressing it up in new clothes and giving it a few new tricks, of course. 

As a starting point you should buy it some new games: this year has seen a slew of great titles, from the massive Fallout 4 to the super-slick Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3. But to really get the best out of it, you need to look further afield - such as these suggestions you'll find listed below...

Custom Xbox One Decal

Let's face it, when compared to the asymetric sleekness of the Sony PlayStation 4, the Xbox One looks like it's been beaten with the ugly stick. It's big, it's boxy, and looks more like a product of 1985 than 2015.

Unfortunately, putting a paper bag over your console's head is likely to lead to overheating, so we'd recommend this custom decal service instead. DecalGirl allows you to create your own designs and then have them shipped straight to your door for a fairly reasonable price. Not the artistic type? Don't worry, there are dozens of pre-rendered skins to choose from.

Razer Wildcat

Usually we're highly suspicious of any product that declares itself 'designed for eSports', but Razer has long produced some of the best peripherals in the PC gaming market, so we're prepared to give the Wildcat a chance.

You get four fully programmable buttons on the controller's rear - each of which can be remapped with any of the other buttons on the controller -plus a built-in control panel for switching profiles and standard audio jack port. It's also been sculpted to be as comfortable as possible and the body can be covered in optional palm grips that keep your hold stable and palms dry.