Trailer Park: this week's best new film & game trailers

Grab the popcorn - here's what's heading to theatres, VOD and games consoles soon

Blockbuster season might just be getting underway, but with Captain America dominating the box office, this week's new releases look firmly focused on the small screen.

It's not Netflix with the biggest shows, either: Amazon is pulling out all the stops to bag those precious Prime signups. There's plenty of nostalgia too, with several high profile reboots and remakes on the way to US TV channels.

But enough waffling - scroll down to see this week's must-watch trailers.

Mr Robot

After bringing Wall Street to its knees last year, Cyber vigilante Elliot will be back on our screens in July to see what kind of chaos he’s caused.

Hacker group fsociety has bigger plans, the net is closing in and paranoid delusional Elliot is still seeing visions of his unhinged father (an always excellent Christian Slater).

We burned through all ten episodes of Amazon’s nail-biting tech thriller when the first season landed, so it’ll be two very long months while we wait for this second run to kick off. It lands on July 13.

Forza 6 Nascar DLC

Nascar - either you love it, or you shut the hell up about it, in case you incur the wrath of a million redneck Americans. Or at least that's what South Park taught us. 

Not familiar with America's favourite motorsport? It's like an oval, so we're gonna drive straight and then we're gonna be turnin' to the left.

That's apparently enough for a 10 hour career/campaign mode, mind. The US$20 DLC is available now for all Forza 6 owners.



A chain-smoking Texan clergyman, infused with alien powers that lets him order people to do anything? Yep, that’s about as dark as comic book adaptations get.

AMC’s latest series has some big names in front and behind the camera - Dominic Cooper is the titular preacher Jessie Custer, and the scripts have been penned by Superbad writers/weed aficionados Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen.

Amazon Prime UK will be showing each episode the day after they air in the US, starting from Monday.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

I never watched Dragon Ball as a kid, so have literally no idea what's going on here. Looks pretty sparkly though!

The game only got announced this week, so won't be rocking up on PC, PS4 or Xbox One until later this year.

24: Legacy

Fox is bringing out the big guns for 2016's mid-season refresh, rebooting one of its greatest action epics with 24: Legacy.

Don't expect Jack Bauer to show up and save the say this time, though. Straight Outta Compton's Corey Hawkins is the man with 24 hours to team up with CTU and take down a terrorist cell - before they can hunt him down and take him out for organising the black ops taskforce that killed their leader.

Episodes start airing later this year, but there's no word on whether a UK broadcaster or streaming service will be snapping it up for us Brits.

StarCraft 2 gets Abathur

Get that clicking finger at the ready, StarCraft 2's co-op mode is getting a new commander. Zerg evolution master Abathur joins the ranks with the latest patch, which should be firing its way down the broadband pipes of anyone with a account.

He's a US$4.99 pickup, but his unique unit upgrade style should keep you busy, even if you've mastered your macro game and can blaze through build orders with the best of them.

Lethal Weapon

OK, there's no mistaking Fox's Lethal Weapon reboot for anything more than a beat-for-beat retread of the 1987 original, only with Clayne Crawford taking over from Mel Gibson and Damon Wayans, Sr as the guy that's "too old for this sh*t". Can anyone ever replace the legend that is Danny Glover? 

At least they've nailed the OTT action sequences, and Crawford's Riggs looks suitably unhinged too. We'll have to wait until the Autumn to see if this reboot will have its own storylines, or whether we can expect a more mordern rehash of the films.

It airs in the Autumn, but again it's not confirmed for the UK just yet.