Stuff Recommends: February 2017

From supersonic hairdryers to clever plant pots, here are this month's hottest gadgets

Every month we bring you the must-buy tech products available now in the region. Level up your gadget arsenal with one of these, you know you want to.

Dyson Supersonic (US$410)

“Vacuum my hair? You’ve got to be joking!” Well, it might work…Anyways, no, this isn’t a glorified Hoover for your hair. Instead, having mastered the art of sucking air, Dyson has moved on to blowing it.

If you’re sporting a seasonal mop to keep out the cooler months, the Supersonic’s 110,000 RPM motor out to do the drying job deftly indeed.

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Parrot Pot (US$160)

Forget the Internet of Things, today we’re talking about the Internet of Plants. This clever flower pot will help you earn your green thumb quick sharp, thanks in part to an automatic watering system that helps your flora stay healthy.

Not only does it know when and how much water your plant needs, there are four other sensors (temperature, sunlight, fetilizer level and soil moisture) that help take away all the guesswork from gardening.

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Samsung Galaxy A (US$310)

The 2017 refresh of the Samsung Galaxy A comes in three flavours: the 4.7in A3, the 5.2in A5 and the 5.7in A7. Both the larger models boast IP68-certified water and dust resistance as well as a 16MP snapper on the front and back for bright photos even in low light.

And while the smaller A3 only gets 13MP camera, they each get a simplified UI and floating shutter button so there’s less hand-contortion when trying for that perfect selfie.

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Sony Xperia Ear (US$220)

This Bluetooth earpiece is something straight out of the future. It’s powered by Sony’s ‘Agent’ in-ear assistant which can carry out voice commands, help you search the web, give you directions, notifications and a whole host of other features.

It even recognises head gestures when talking loudly to yourself might be a little awkward. Perfect for keeping your hands free whilst doing other tasks like driving, or changing the TV channel, you lazy so-and-so.

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Sony MDR-1000X (US$435)

Want to shut the world out for a bit? These comfy cans from Sony have some impressive active noise cancellation tech built in that, coupled with a pair of noise sensors and an optimiser which tweaks the sound to the shape of your head, should have other headphone manufacturers quaking in their moon boots.

There are also touch sensitive controls in the right ear cup, while covering said cup results in instant access to external sounds. Neat.

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Bosch Quigo Plus (US$90)

There are those gadgets (smartphones, gaming consoles etc) that stand on their own as unique and special things. Some gadgets, however, are there merely to make other gadgets more effective. Enter the humble Quigo Plus from Bosch.

This self-leveling tool projects horizontal and vertical lasers onto the wall, enabling eager DIYers to hang their tech (TVs, speakers etc) with exceptional precision. No more wonky wall mounts ever again, hurrah!

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Lenovo Phab2 Pro (US$545)

Say hello to augmented reality in your pocket: Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro is the first smartphone to pack Google’s titillating Tango tech. Fancy measuring objects with your mobile, or shooting zombies on the go? It’s all possible on this super smartphone’s massive 6.4in QHD display.

We’ve all seen augmented reality experiences before, but Tango’s enhanced sensors allow for more detailed experience - this the most bleeding edge of tech.

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