Promoted: We used Microsoft OneDrive to put together this feature, here's what happened

We do a bit of clever reporting using Microsoft's cloud storage solution

At Stuff we’re naturally curious creatures.

We wanted to test Microsoft OneDrive to see how it would sync between a Mac (our typical work machine) and the Lumia 640 XL (Microsoft’s awesome Dual-SIM handset) as we put together this feature you’re reading right now – yup, pretty meta, we know.

After an initial setup, which takes all of a couple of minutes thanks to the smartly designed Windows 8.1 OS on the Lumia and a free OneDrive desktop app for OS X, everything was synced to automatically backup to OneDrive and we were good to go. 

OneDrive integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s Office suite of apps, ridding you of one very major headache - no longer do you need to call or email someone and ask them "what format do you want me to send the document in?" You can simply share an existing document, set permissions to edit, and the person on the receiving end can open and edit any file instantly.

Being the ever hard working bunch that we are, portions of this piece were written during a press conference (sorry, unspecified other tech brand) using the Lumia 640XL. You can do all the editing and formatting you need right on the Lumia and the experience is a lot smoother (and more portable) than having to madly type away in front of a computer. And since everything is easily synced and shared via OneDrive, we were able to backup our work, and send a draft to Stuff’s online editor all before lunch.

In order to spice up this piece we wanted to take advantage of the 1TB of OneDrive storage space that comes with every Lumia 640 XL by snapping some hi-res photos with the phone’s 13MP camera. Once we’d got the shots we needed it was simply a matter of uploading them to OneDrive and sharing them with Stuff’s web developer, who easily prepped the content for publication far faster than having to wait around for emails.

So, let’s recap. We set out to write this feature with the help of Microsoft OneDrive, and the proof is in the pudding - or in this case, the online article sorbet. The Lumia 640 XL allowed us to sneakily type up what you’re currently reading in the middle of a press conference, snap some hi-res photos and, thanks to OneDrive, easily bounce the files back to the team at Stuff Towers ready for instant publication. All the while backing up our work as we went, and allowing edits from various team members across multiple platforms to bring you the finished article. Pretty sharp work if we don’t say so ourselves.

For more info and a chance to win a Microsoft Lumia 640 XL visit Stuff's Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM hub.