Promoted: How Windows 10 will take your smartphone to the next level

When it launches later this year, Windows 10 is poised to change the way we use our smartphones forever

The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL is only one of the lucky smartphones that will be getting Windows 10 Mobile when it releases later this year.

Let's look at some of Stuff's favourite ways Windows 10 will make your smartphone even more awesome. 

Your New Home

The Start screen will receive a welcome tweak: the ability to set a background image and have it bleed through translucent tiles, instead of lay on top of them. That'll let you personalise the Start screen more than ever before.

Universal Apps

Thanks to a shared codebase, Windows 10's core apps will be very similar in functionality across phones, desktops and tablets. This makes for a no-compromises experience with apps such as the new Office on mobile, with almost all of the same actions and functionality available.

Actionable Actions

The Action Center is about to get a while lot more functional in Windows 10 on phones, as you'll be able to dismiss individual actions as desired. Notifications will also be synced to other devices - so clearing it in one location does the same elsewhere, as well.

Voice Control

Anywhere you can type in Windows 10 Mobile, now you can speak as well. A small microphone button will appear on the screen, and tapping it lets you vocalize your needs and thoughts instead. Welcome to the future.

Messaging Upgrades

When messaging notifications pop up along the top of the screen in Windows 10, you'll be able to respond inline without needing to fire up the Messaging app. A handy, time-saving new feature.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft's brand new web browser is headed to phones as well. It has a sleek new look and added functionality, such as the ability to draw notes on webpages and send a copy to friends.

Lumia Camera

All smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile - even non-Lumia ones - will run an enhanced Lumia Camera app. It has snap-friendly features like automatic HDR and easy 4K video shooting, which should make photography enthusiasts pretty pleased indeed.

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