The most exciting flagship phones of 2016 to look forward to

What will the new year mean for the world of smartphones?

Another year, another batch of new phones.

Is this year going to be all about uninspiring incremental updates, or will we see something that will bring us new hope? We have our fingers crossed for the latter to happen as details are slowly emerging about the phones we're due to comtemplate buying this year.

Which of the following will be your smartphone pick of 2016?

Samsung Galaxy S7

Since the stylish pair that was the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge debuted at MWC 2015, all eyes are on Samsung to knock it out of the park again with the Galaxy S7 and (we’d assume) the S7 Edge. Will the microSD card slot make a comeback? Are we going to get a taste of Live Photos done Samsung style? Is that fantastic camera going to get even better?

Expected: Mark your calendar for 21st February. As tradition has it, that’s when we’re expecting to see the S7 formally introduced to the world, right before Mobile World Congress opens.

Apple iPhone 7

Ahhh, the big iPhone refresh. The last time there was one, Apple introduced a phablet so what’s it going to be this year now that more and more phones look like the iPhone? Will we see a totally new redesign?

Although we’re still quite some time away from the traditional September unveiling, rumours are starting to surface such as the lack of a headphone jack, waterproof-iness, and the removal of the physical Home button in favour of something 3D Touch? Whatever it is, expect great things.

Expected: Remember, remember, it’s always September. Unless Apple plans to surprise us this year. If you can't hang onto your money until then, there's the purported iPhone 5se that's due a whole lot sooner - in March apparently.