9 tips and tricks to level up your Snapchat game

You'll be snapping and chatting like a pro in no time

Snapchat is a notoriously difficult social media platform to master, thanks to a multitude of hidden features which require a combination of creativity and the right knowledge to use well.

If you’re a long-time snapchatter itching to up your game, then these tips and tricks should help you take your first steps on the path to social glory. Because that's all that really matters anymore, right?

Get all the Geofilters

Geofilters are special filters that are available based on your location, and they're a great way to brag about your travel plans while your followers are stuck at home.

If you fancy appearing well-travelled without having to leave the safety of your comfy couch however, you can. Android users simply need to install a location-spoofing app like Fake Location Spoofer, which tricks your phone into thinking it's anywhere you fancy it to be.

Once you’ve altered your location, you can then go to Snapchat and enjoy your new filters, or contribute some of your own.

Secret Colour Filters

If you’re bored of the usual filters, then this trick will be worth the effort.

Once you’ve taken a photo, tap the little paper icon on the top-right corner of your screen, and place an emoji on your image. Then enlarge the emoji until it becomes a translucent pixelated blur, and move it around your image to angle the colour gradient just right. If you layer enough colours, you’ll get a unique trippy colour filter, you special snowflake you.

Write a Snapchat Essay

Adding text to a picture has always been a staple Snapchat feature, but there’s always been a limit to the amount of characters you can share.

If you want to write a real essay, go into any note-taking app you have on your phone, and press return a few times to get a few lines of empty text. Then, copy and paste those empty lines into the Snapchat text bar, and you’ll magically get a large space to play with.

You should be able to get more than 17 lines of text in using this method, though if you’re planning to do that, we’d suggest sending an email instead.