21 Facebook Messenger tricks you're (probably) not aware of

Become the king of chat and the envy of your friends by levelling-up your Messenger skills

Since splitting from its social media granddaddy, Messenger has consistently received a slew of cool features - many without actually informing you.

To keep you in the loop and in the interest of staying ahead of the chat game, here are 21 tricks that will make you the king of Messenger and envy of all your friends

Additional words by Elissa Loi

Use Facebook Messenger Without A Facebook Account

That’s right, Messenger isn’t just for awkward Facebook friends anymore. If you’re one of the rare few who doesn’t have a Facebook account, simply sign up with a valid phone number. The app won’t judge you. 

Get on it: Download the free (iOS/Android/Windows Phone) app and you'll see there's an option for Not On Facebook. Click on that and follow the instructions to get on Messenger without being on Facebook. Now you can remain elusive without being uncontactable. 

Works for: Everyone who's successfully resisted the temptation of Facebook

Share photos easily with facial recognition

Sharing photographs just got a whole lot easier. With Photo Magic, the app itself will identify your friends and suggest that you send the photo to them. It takes all the actual thought of disseminating embarrassing club photos after a wild night out of it, leaving you more time to actually talk to your friends.

Get on it: To enable the feature, tap on the settings tab on the bottom bar, go into Photos & Media, and swipe on the Photo Magic option to toggle it on. It's only available on Android for now. Once it's on, you will get reminder notifications to send them photos they're in. Photos are not automatically sent; you'll get last say over what gets sent. 

Works for: Android users for now

Play basketball with your friends

This awesome Messenger Easter egg is the new way to fool around with your friends online. When you're sick of chatting and sharing links, you can now shoot virtual hoops with your friends. 

Get on it: Go into the app and send a basketball emoji, and then tap on the emoji. You’ll find a hidden basketball game where you compete with your friend to make the most baskets in a row. The game ends whenever you choose it so, so resilience is power. And yes, competitive ones, the highest score will be saved in the app.

Works for: Individual and group chats. Just don't end friendships over this.