This is why the iPad still knocks the socks off other tablets – thousands of quirky, beautifully made apps like Lucky Voice Karaoke. This isn’t just a collection of lyrics; it’s a fully formed karaoke experience good enough to put many karaoke bars to shame.

The interface is smooth and slick, letting you browse pre-selected playlists of classic songs and the latest hits, or put together your own from over 8000 tunes, with dozens more added each month. A free playlist of 10 songs gets you started, then you can buy, say, 24 hours of singing for £3.99, 100 songs for £7.50 or a full year of unlimited warbling for £50.

You’ll probably want to add a dock for a bit of amplification (Stuff recommends the cheapest, most plasticky speaker dock to replicate the hiss and distortion of a typical karaoke night out). The latest version of Lucky Voice supports external microphones like the iRig (£35), and a remote control mode, where you can use your iPhone to control the song queue, is promised soon.

Best of all, songs stream nicely over 3G as well as Wi-Fi, letting you take your singalong anywhere you want, from the beach to the office to the train. On second thoughts, maybe not the train.

Stuff says... 

Lucky Voice Karaoke review

A full-on karaoke experience for your iPad. Just add speaker dock and maybe a decent microphone