There's nothing more frustrating than waiting for a bus when you have no way of telling when – or if – it's going to turn up. Especially when you have somewhere important to be, or it's raining, or it's cold, or all of the above.

London Bus Master is one of the many London-based travel apps that taps into Transport for London's data feeds. No longer will you be standing at a bus stop wondering whether your bus is going to be another 20 minutes away – you'll know it's 20 minutes away.

London Bus Master – stop finder

The information available on London Bus Master includes full bus route details across London, and conveniently you can pull up a list of the nearest stops, ordered by distance from your current location.

London Bus Master – bus timings

Every London bus stop is marked, and a quick tap brings up a live countdown timer for the next buses, which can be filtered to only show the ones you're interested in.

It could save you from running to the bus stop for a bus that's eventually late, or just missing one. Useful indeed.

However the few features it has are marred by poorly a designed interface that's neither pretty nor easy to use.

London Bus Master – personalise

Stops can be added to your favourites for quick access – an essential feature, but it doesn't do a lot else that's useful. You can bring up bus stops in Google's Street View, but we can't imagine when that would ever be useful.

London Bus Master – live news

There are other apps out there that include live travel news, and alerts so you don't nod off and miss your stop as you can with London Bus Master's limited offerings.

London Bus Master is cheap and does the basics, but needs to work on improving the interface and adding features to put it ahead of the competition.

Stuff says... 

London Bus Master review

Bus countdown is great, but the rest of this app is sadly found lacking