We’re a sucker for a good iPod dock – after all, we see a lot of bad ones. So we started salivating when we heard Logitech had released a new version of its sterling £100 Pure-Fi Anywhere.

The key difference is that this one is ‘works with iPhone’ certified; the old model needed the iPhone to be switched to ‘Airplane’ mode, which doesn’t allow you to receive calls, in order to avoid phone electrical interference.

Familiar face

Aside from the new cushioned bag case, though, not much else has changed. The dock still cuts a fairly sharp appearance and feels sturdy. The Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 comes with the usual array of inserts for every iPod, while there’s a remote that gives you control of your tunes.

There are also controls on the unit plus a light to show how much of the ten-hour battery you have left – just switch to mains power when it runs out.

Sonic boon

Sonically, again it’s much the same. The Logitech delivers a large sound for such a small device, and it goes quite loud, too.

All necessary components of good quality sound are here – no mean feat for a £100 iPod dock. It has punch, weight, impressive dynamics, and plenty of detail is uncovered.


The Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 does sound a touch brighter and in turn more open than our well-used original model, though it may well bed down over time.

Either way, this brightness is only comparative, and is nothing to worry about in isolation.

This remains an excellent proposition and the best value option if you’re after an iPod speaker dock at this price-point.

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Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 review

Still a comfortable class-leader and now it’s iPhone friendly, too

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