Clock radios have come a heck of a long way since the 80s. Just look at the Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime – this sleek bedside time-teller comes packing motion-sensitivity and an iPod dock so you can be woken up by your favourite tune every morning. If that sounds a bit too Groundhog Day for you, you can of course opt for FM/AM radio instead.

Clever motion sensor

Logitech has fitted the Pure-Fi Anytime with a clever motion sensor, which allows you to not only light up the controls by passing your hand over the top of the radio (handy in a dark room), but also snooze the alarm. No more bleary-eyed fumbling for the snooze button.

Design-wise the Pure-Fi Anytime is pretty much what you’d expect from something in its price range. It’s solidly built and reasonably stylish, but at the same time a lot more plasticky than expensive clock radios like the Tangent Quattro, and its glossy shell has a tendency to attract dust. There’s a neat slot at the back to store the remote control.

The buttons on the top of the Anytime are stiff and low-profile, and as a result they're quite annoying to use – making the motion-activated snooze all the more essential.

The buttons on the dinky remote control, however, are much more tactile and responsive, and while you can’t browse your iPod menu, you can adjust volume, pause/play and skip a track back and forward.

Compatible with all iPods and iPhones

The iPod dock itself uses the Apple Universal Dock specification and is compatible with all iPods and iPhones with a dock connector, but you’ll still need to fit a plastic adapter to give most models a snug fit. Other MP3 players and audio gear can be hooked up via a 3.5mm stereo input at the back.

In terms of sound quality, the Pure-Fi Anytime is a bit of a disappointment. The twin speakers struggle to give sound any real depth and detail, with bloodless bass and treble that lacks clarity. The overall effect is audio that feels somehow flat and lacking in punch.


On the plus side, you can crank up the volume quite high without having to worry about distortion. But with the sound quality so unexciting, we doubt you’ll feel compelled to do this all that often.

Less than lively audio

We might be being a touch harsh on the Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime, but we’ve been used to the likes of the Boston Acoustics Duo-i, which – while it’s more expensive – actually delivers a lively, detailed performance with an iPod docked.

As a clock radio that does an acceptable sideline in iPod charging and playback, the Anytime is pretty decent. But as an audio product, it’s very much an also-ran.


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Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime review

Impressive design and features, but mediocre sound puts a black mark against its dock credentials