As well as gaining an extra five inches of screen, this year's Connect model from Loewe packs 100Hz processing, an integrated 320GB hard-disk drive and a stylish new stand – arousing our interest from the off.

Connections are well catered for, too, with three HDMI inputs, a couple of USB 2.0 ports and a contrast sensor to help the screen, theoretically, maintain optimum image quality.

Easy on the eye

Thanks to simple menus and legible fonts, the Loewe is easy to use. It's easy on the eye, too: 1920x1080p/24fps pictures enjoy a natural colour balance, fine detail and impressive contrasts.

Motion is handled deftly in all but the most trying scenes and, while the Loewe isn't the last word for outright black levels, it delivers good detail in dark scenes.

Excellent Freeview images

It's a similar story when the screen is upscaling DVD pictures. Detail, contrast and movement all impress. Flick to TV, and few screens receive a Freeview picture as convincingly stable.

Recording quality is faithful to original broadcasts, which makes the Connect a worthwhile PVR as well.


Loewe is proud of the sound the set produces and, by TV standards, it sounds expansive and dynamic – helped by a claimed 40W per channel of power. Indeed, it can be a touch too strident at volume, and this shoutiness can get wearing over time.

A fine effort, then, and only just missing out on Hot Buy status on account of the unabashed pricing.


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Loewe Connect 42 review

Plenty of substance to back up the premium product pretensions, but still an expensive option