Pulling on a Selk Bag brings the obvious danger that you’ll be mistaken for a giant baby, but that’s a small price to pay for the comfort of walking around in a giant sleeping bag.      

Babygrow chic

Yes, it’s a baby-grow for adults, and yes, it does make you look slightly ridiculous – but somehow the Selk Bag is also a very desirable piece of kit.

Looks aside, it’s actually very practical too. Sitting around outside the tent before beddy-byes in a Selk is not only toasty but means you can move around and not feel like a trussed-up turkey.

If your hands get cold, zip them in. A horseshoe-shaped zip runs around the end of the arm with pulls on the inside and out.

Zipping and unzipping with hands inside can be a little awkward but not impossible. There’s also a hood with a draw-chord that closes around the face.

Walk about

Getting up in the middle of the night to relieve a bloated bladder is also far more comfortable and practical in a Selk.

There isn’t a traditional fly, but two zips that run from the shoulders to the hip on either side.

There are also pads of reinforced fabric on the feet. These wouldn’t stand up to a route march, but are durable for padding around the house or a short walks in a grassy field.

Two mesh-backed vents on either leg can also be opened if you’re camping in warmer climes and are too hot.

The ingenuity of a body suit is also its weak point – you would always be warmer in a sleeping bag of similar rating as your body will generate heat and keep your extremities snugger. But unless you’re setting off for an Antarctic expedition, the Selk Bag is a sound camping investment.

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Lippi Selk Bag review

Makes you look daft, but a fine sleeping bag alternative for campers and couch potatoes alike

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