By applying a bit of lateral thinking to the common microwave, LG has come up with an even faster and more efficient way of heating up a chicken tikka masala, simply by making the cavity round. And with its radically modern styling, the WaveDOM is as cool as microwaves get.

Pretty fly…for a microwave

The MC8087ARK, as the WaveDOM likes to be known formally, breaks from tradition in terms of tech and style. With its glossy black finish you’d be forgiven for trying to tune it in to Home and Awa – it’s certainly picked up some design tips from LG’s flatscreen tellies. The wipe-clean glass surface also looks superb and the crisp display is easy to read from across the kitchen.

Pull open the door with the long, elegant handle and you’ll instantly notice that the cavity is round and unusually large. There are two advantages to this: firstly, the round walls reflect the microwaves onto the food more effectively, which reduces cooking times by almost a third.


A good grilling

The WaveDom is a good combi oven, so you’re getting a grill as well and you can use this in conjunction with the microwave to further reduce the time. It’s also an advantage if you’ve got a weeny kitchen where space is at a premium.

In operation, the WaveDOM is very user-friendly thanks to the nifty dial controls and the large LCD display. It also has a clock with a timer and, for those with whippersnappers, there’s even a child-lock too.

The only tricky bit, in fact, is choosing between the snazzy finishes. Black, silver and white varieties all cost the same, but you can specify a 30l capacity if the 23l option is too small. Well, those super-size lasagnes do take forever in the oven.



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LG WaveDOM review

The round cavity makes this one of the most practical combi ovens around – and one of the fastest too