How much? Yes, LG has delivered a feature-packed micro hi-fi system for just £200. And it’s no simpleton: there’s a CD player, amplifier, 2.1 speakers, DAB/FM tuner, iPod dock and direct recording to a USB memory stick.

And all this is packaged in a smart and luxurious piece of kit thanks to a sleek, gloss-black finish. We’re gobsmacked.

Touchscreen vs remote

The speakers are a good size – 24cm high and a slim 13cm wide – and claim an output 80W per channel. A sub driver in each cabinet means plenty of boom for your buck, too.

It’s all operated via a flash touchscreen control system, which unfortunately isn’t as slick in operation as it looks – stick to the remote control for a more responsive experience.

The iPod dock is integrated into the top of the main unit and again gives full control of your tunes via the remote control. There’s also a 3.5mm line input allowing you to connect any portable player straight to the unit.


Transfer to USB

This system’s unique feature is the direct recording to USB mode. Slot in a USB stick, press a button and your CD tracks will be recorded to your stick in real time or double speed, at anything from 96kps to 256kps MP3 quality.

With such a feature-packed, wallet-friendly machine, you’d expect it to sound worse than a choir of Victoria Beckhams. While it’s far from disgraced, it’s certainly not quite in the same sonic league as the admittedly more expensive Denon D-M37DAB.

Bass is a little boomy

The main problem is the bass delivery, which can be a little boomy thanks that twin set of subs combining to make a slightly over-bearing bottom end, even after EQ adjustments.

Aside from this the sound has a rich, refined feel, and in isolation has an even balance that makes it an easy listen. If you want a versatile micro system on a budget, this fits the bill nicely.


Stuff says... 

LG FA163DAB review

If money’s tight this a great, versatile system. Only the overly boomy bass lets it down