Arrr, me hearties! Lego’s popular series of movie remakes is back and this time all four of Captain Jack Sparrow’s swashbuckling adventures are the foil.

Following the template of Lego Star Wars and Harry Potter, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean recreates the films with Lego characters and lets players loose on the key scenes. And just like the previous Lego film tie-ins, this is another sterling example of how a make a children’s game that appeals far beyond its target audience.

The game brims with charm and humour. It expertly retells the stories of the films using nothing more than the gestures and unintelligible babble of its Lego stars. And its action sequences are a master class in playfulness that captures the sense of being a kid playing with action figures.

There’s no way to lose or any time limits, so players are free to mess around in a way that far too few games allow. You might be off to rescue someone, but there’s always time to search for hidden treasure or to lark around riding a squealing pig that flattens everyone in your way. Its great fun solo, but even better when a second player joins in.

There is a sense of familiarity to the game; after all it’s no radical departure from the Lego games that came before it. But when the formula works so well there’s little need for an overhaul.

The sole downside is that the wordless storytelling sometimes doesn't quite make the goal clear, but the confusion never lasts long enough to annoy.

In short there’s very little wrong with Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s got the high seas escapades of the films down to a tee, is packed with opportunities for laughs and despite its simple action is joyous enough to please child and adult alike.

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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean review

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