Leatherman has long been a multi-tool master, and with the Skeletool it has pared down the folding pliers format to perfection.

Cutting edge

The first tool on tap is the knife, which is accessible without folding open the arms. The knife blade is scarily sharp and has a combo leading straight edge and a serrated rear.

The blade has a thumb-tip hole on the back edge so you can flip it open with one hand and a simple thumb-press lock means it will close with just one hand, too.

Sci-fi looks

The handles are made from stainless steel coated in a gun-metal grey tungsten DLC, with a sexy carbon fibre insert that increases stiffness whilst reducing weight.

The ultra-light, 142g overall weight is achieved by drilling out the stainless steel, which also gives it its sci-fi, aero-industry looks.

Well balanced

When the knife is folded out the Skeletool is surprisingly well-balanced and comfortable to hold, even for time-consuming tasks or jobs that require putting a lot of grunt behind the blade.

The ergonomics also work well when the handles are folded back to reveal the pliers and bit driver.


Pop, pinch, snip, screw

Folded shut, the clip carabiner doubles up as a bottle opener. With both arms open, the needle-nose pliers come into action.

They also work as standard pliers and have two grades of wire cutters incorporated into their jaws. Fold the carabiner arm open but leave the other shut and the bit driver is revealed.

With the arms in this configuration the careful ergonomics again come into play, allowing a firm grip to push plenty of torque into tight screw heads.

Bits and more bits

The bit driver comes with a double-ended Phillips bit attached and a second straight blade, 3/16in and 0.25in bit that sits securely into a recess in the handle.

A range of 21 other hex and screwdriver double-ended bits in a neat storage rack can be bought as an add-on accessory.


The Skeletool is very handy piece of kit to have in your armoury, but if you need a really advanced multi-tool then this might not have enough tools for the job.

Stockist: Leatherman


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Leatherman Skeletool CX review

A very basic, lightweight multi-tool, but the essentials are here and the sci-fi looks only improve its desirability

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