Who'd be a panda, eh? You're endangered, all you get for dinner is bamboo, you have a silly face with two black eyes and you're not exactly Russell Brand when it comes to rumpy-pumpy.

But judging by Land-a-Panda, things could be looking up. The aim of the game is to help lovestruck boy panda Yang Guang reach his girlfriend Tian Tian. In his way stand a myriad of enemies, traps and obstacles designed to thwart his romantic plans.

Each level begins with Yang launching off a platform into the air, where he is caught by a cannon. The player then manipulates the cannon to send him on his way into more cannons and ultimately to his goal.

Levels start off easy, but before long you'll be leaping from twisting canons into bouncing cannons, exploding cannons and teleport cannons and past spiked walls and all manner of evil critters. Along the way you'll want to collect coins to give to Tiang Tiang as a gift and, although levels are completable without them, there's much satisfaction to be had in doing it properly.

Graphics are gorgeous: cute and colourful but not nauseatingly so. Sound effects and music are also impressive. But it's the gameplay that's really important here, and we can’t do so without mentioning another game that involves flinging a cute creature towards other cute creatures while avoiding obstacles. Angry something or other.

Yes, it shares some superficial similarities with those moody avians, but actually there's a fair bit more to Landa-a-Panda – more thinking and less flinging. And while Angry Birds rewards a certain amount of trial-and-error, that won’t get you far here.

The result is a game that’s easy to get into but hard to complete. And if that's not enough to keep you playing, then surely the warm glow you get from helping a panda find true love will be.

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Land-a Panda review

Forget Angry Birds – happy pandas are where it’s at right now