Our interest was piqued when the press release for this Krell system dropped into our inbox: ‘The ultimate iPod system,’ it claimed.

Oh, really? After seeing that claim, and its outrageous price tag, we just had to audition one to see if it lives up to the hype.

Tank-like build

Solid and well-built, the £1350 Krell KID iPod dock is clearly designed to perform, but at the same time offers more than a cursory glance to style.

The KID comes with a cushioned cradle, as well as balanced XLR, phono, composite and S-Video outputs. There’s also a fully operational – if dull – remote.

Active speakers

Partnering the KID is a pair of £2390 Martin Logan Purity speakers. They’re fully active designs, so you’ll need to provide mains power to release the 200w of amplification built into each one.

With uncompressed music the results are rousing, with rasping brass and sinister strings brought to life by brilliantly accurate stereo imaging and fine attention to detail.

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But the system also offers a crisp treble that’s given endless room to breathe. Vocals have plenty of texture, and come laden with bags of subtlety and punch.

Woolly bass

On the down side, the speakers are fussy, the low-end can be a bit woolly, and integration between treble and bottom-end grunt could be better. They’re not really for fans of mega-bassy dance music.

We’d rate the KID a five-star dock, while the speakers are not quite faultless all-rounders. The combination is very capable, sometimes brilliant, but harder work than we expected.

Stockist: Absolute Sounds


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