There aren’t many games out there that see you playing as an aged fell, and it doesn’t sound like a particularly exciting prospect.

Until, that is, you factor-in that said wrinkly is Sony’s super-spy, Solid Snake, and that the game is (apparently) the last in the wildly-popular Metal Gear Solid series.

One last mission…

We don’t want to give away much about the plot, but suffice to say that an unfortunate case of accelerated ageing means Snake is less youthful, but more grizzly, than ever before, and he’s been brought out of retirement to go after arch-nemesis, Liquid Ocelot.

Of course, he’s far from useless in battle, even if he is a bit of a codger. In fact, where previous titles focused on stealth above everything else, Guns of the Patriots allows you to take a far more action-oriented approach to missions, with loads of weapons around for you to pickup and use, and even the odd mortar and mounted machine gun.

Stealthy glow

That’s not to say the stealth element has gone. In fact, Konami has introduced the Octocamo suit, which changes colour to match nearby surfaces, rendering you almost invisible to your enemies.

This series has always been famous for its heavy use of cutscenes, and that’s still the case here. However, the storyline has been streamlined a bit, and is less confusing as a result. There’s still plenty of hammy dialogue, though.

Cinematic gameplay

Those cutscenes are superbly directed, and along with the sensational graphics and sound create the most cinematic experience ever to hit consoles.

There’s just no getting around it; Metal Gear Solid 4 is an absolute masterpiece. Whether you’re an old fan, or if you’re new to the series, you’ve really got to check it out.

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Konami Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

Sets a new benchmark in cinematic gaming. No PS3-owner should be without it