We like our Klipsch iPod docks here at Stuff, and even more so when they cost as little as this one. This SXT replaces one of the same name that we reviewed a couple of years ago – and its update is most welcome.

Smart looks

It looks more refined for a start, with its silver 'accent' making for a smart finish, and its compact size and fiddle-free layout are plus points.

The remote – so easy to get wrong – is workmanlike, but better for it. Its design may be plain, but it does what it's told.

Round the back you'll find an auxiliary input for connecting any other portable media device and an S-Video output for sending video content from an iPod or iPhone.

Sense of balance

The SXT doesn't offer the weight and bass power of Klipsch's much larger HG model, but in return you get a better-balanced sound with crisp, clean drums and open, detailed vocals.

There's still bass extension when it's called for, though, and while it might not be terribly warm it's still speedy and light on its feet.

If you like your docks to be refined in both sound and style, this is a good bet.


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