KitSound could never be accused of underselling its new Boom Dock. The company’s online blurb suggests it was ‘forged in the darkness by twisted souls’, which is, if nothing else, different. But hype aside, the clue’s in the name: Boom Dock sounds like a pretty clear statement of intent to us.

And the KitSound certainly booms. In fact, load up your iPod or iPhone (in flight mode), spin up something suitably thumping and the Boom Dock fairly thunders: we’ve not heard a similarly affordable dock that can go as loud or as deep, and there are several more expensive units, including even B&W’s Zeppelin Mini, that would be embarrassed, too.

Big and bold

The Boom Dock’s scale comes in part simply because it’s such a hefty unit, which affords it plenty of space inside for amplification and drive units: to that end, the forward-firing satellite drive units are bolstered by a downward-firing 13cm subwoofer endowed with 22W of output – plenty, in iPod dock terms. That said, the rear-firing reflex port means you’ll have to be careful about putting it too close to a wall (if you do, the sound will become overly boomy).


Decent spec

Unusually, the KitSound includes both an AM/FM tuner and proper line-level inputs for other sources: you could hook up a Wii, for example, to add more oomph to your gaming. It’s got an iPod-controlling remote control, too, plus clock-radio functionality – which would certainly wake you up with a start if you got careless with the volume control.

It’s impressive stuff. That said, it’s not quite an all-rounder: while we can’t think of a louder iPod dock at this price, the KitSound’s treble can be a little aggressive at times, and occasionally, it sounds unrefined. In that sense, you do get what you pay for. But for £100, it’ll certainly do…


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KitSound Boom Dock review

Big, bold and brutally entertaining, the Boom Dock does exactly what it says on the tin