It’s 30 years since Steve Austin bounced around on bionic legs, but now science has caught up with fiction – for skiers, at least. This is the Ski-Mojo, a suspension system for your legs.

It’s bionic, baby!

The device attaches to your ski or snowboard boots, straps on just below your knee and extends up to the top of your thigh. It might look like some freakish surgical device, but try it out and you’ll quickly forget it’s there.

As soon as you put it on and bend your knees you notice the benefit; your legs feel like they've just been given a power boost.

Take the strain

The suspension takes up to 30% of the strain away so you can hit the slopes for longer without your muscles turning to jelly. Less fatigue also means safer skiing or boarding – it’s when you are tired that you’re most likely to get clotheslined by a tree.

Another benefit of wearing a Ski-Mojo is that it places your legs in the best position for either skiing or snowboarding so not only is your stamina increased, you technique is improved too.

Hardcore skiiers will say the Mojo it is just a gadget for the lazy and unfit. They have a point, but if it wins you a few more hours on the slope, their insults will fall on deaf ears. Besides, with the Mojo safely concealed under your trousers, no-one will know where all your extra energy is coming from.


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