Over the past year or so, JVC has had the Midas touch with projectors. But it isn’t resting on its laurels – the ’950 got another praise-littered review in January, and now we’ve got our hands on its little brother, the ’550.

Set-up is ingeniously simple thanks to motorised lens, shift and zoom controls that let you get the picture in place within seconds, all using the remote control. Two HDMI inputs, along with a smattering of other connections, lurk on the side.

Subtle performer

The HD550’s picture is, frankly, amazing: the signal is served up in a style unrivalled in this class. There’s bags of insight that bores deep into facial expressions and background details, and the ’550 is as interested in bright colours as it is in dark hues, ensuring that there’s no shortage of texture and nuance to the image whatever you’re watching.

Fast motion is often where projectors falter – but not this JVC. And no matter how gloomy the scene, it has no trouble delivering both depth and detail. Jump back in to daylight and bright whites combine with a crisp, sharp picture construction to create brilliantly realistic images.

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Inside the tech

So, how does it work? JVC’s ‘Direct Drive Image-Light Amplification’ uses three D-ILA chips at the heart of every projector.

Each offers 1080p resolution, which helps to deliver the maximum brightness possible while also limiting any ‘chicken wire’ effect that’s often created by discernable gaps between pixels.

It works brilliantly, making the HD550 yet another triumph for JVC.


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JVC DLA-HD550 review

Another star from JVC, the ’550 turns in a frighteningly accomplished performance. The bar has been raised once again