Despite producing a conveyor belt of classic cars, Jaguar has struggled to spruce up its granddad image. But if any car can bring our feline friend into the 21st century, it’s the XF.    

In the flesh, the XF is anything but old-fashioned. The exterior looks unlike any other Jaguar and the interior is so hi-tech it looks like a concept car. It’s refined in a refreshing, modern way, and lit up by a gorgeous phosphor blue glow. Before you even think of driving off, the air-conditioning vents treat you to a spectacular show as they reveal themselves after being hidden in the dashboard.

Killer sound system

The sound system matches Jag’s interior in terms of refinement. It’s decked out in top-of-the range Bowers & Wilkins speakers. There are 14 tucked away in the cabin, immersing you in a sea of sensational sound quality. It’s arguably one of the best on the market.

There’s also the option of a DAB tuner and iPod connectivity. The slick part is that you have full control and can cycle through artist, album and genre via the XF’s touchscreen display.

A gearknob-free zone

Next up, there’s the JaguarDrive Selector. Gearknobs are a thing of the past as this rotary switch rises up next to you following a quick press of the start button. It looks like something you’d find on the bridge of the USS Enterprise – simply twist the cylinder to select the gear.

Even the interior lights have a touch of sci-fi. They use Jaguar Sense technology and are touch/proximity sensitive so they respond to a gentle waft of the hand.

The top of the range XF has a 4.2L supercharged V8 engine. The 0-60mph time is a not too shabby 5.1 seconds and you max out at 155mph. Considering the Jaguar’s portly frame, the XF rockets along smoothly, full of grace. It’s balanced, supple and handles extremely well.

There’s no doubting the ability and design of the Jaguar XF. Even Inspector Morse wouldn’t be able to drive by in his MkII without feeling a small pang of jealousy. He’d want one, and we do, too.


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Jaguar XF review

The refined, graceful XF might just save Jaguar’s wrinkly skin